2007 Suburban P0449

2007 Suburban check engine light code p0449
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  1. wingsaa says:

    So glad I found this… Thanks! Just want to confirm that the three parts you have listed are the parts shown that you replaced? Just want to confirm before ordering.

  2. southernpride903 says:

    Is this part in the same location on a 2008 avalanche

  3. slclic says:

    Thanks a million for posting this video. Just got the same code, wouldn’t you know it, right when it’s time for state inspection. Awesome video. Thanks again!!

  4. pedro664 says:

    hey i just found the same code in my 2008 suburban ltz . could you tell me if it would cost me the same as you and if it would be in the same place under the truck?

  5. cesulka says:

    Your very welcome. It was a PITA to find all of the bits pieces of info so once I figured it out I hoped it would help. If you have the 5.3 engine with Active Fuel Management (half of the motor shuts down on the highway) watch the oil consumption carefully. At 68k mine would burn 2 qts per 1,000 miles on the highway. There is no true fix for this other than a new engine. Chevy will put you through MANY oil consumption tests at YOUR cost. Long story short, if it does this, ditch your suburban.

  6. TheElliottbros says:

    Thank you so much for this video. The Chevy dealer quoted me $420 to fix. I ordered the parts (harness and solenoid) on amazon for $60. After 45 mins I was done with no more engine light!

  7. vtboy1983 says:

    Only comment is that disconnecting the batter clears the codes, and even if the problem still persisted, the CHECK ENGINE light wouldn’t come back on again until 3 complete cycles.

  8. AndrewEvanODell says:


  9. Sugerless12 says:

    Great video helped a lot……Right on !

  10. Avyrydah says:

    I have an 07 avy, in the forum it states that 95% of the time the Evap vent valve alone will solve the problem. Could you point out exactly where it is or what it looks like?

  11. chachis94 says:

    Where the the bridge connector go?

  12. Travisddrums says:

    Great video very informative but I can’t read the part numbers, can you list those please?

  13. 81moncho says:

    Great video was very helpfull

  14. cesulka says:

    Thanks for the update! This problem was not easy to find info on so I made the video. Anyone who has worked on this same problem with good update intel please comment. It will save one us poor smucks a lot of time!

  15. cesulka says:

    I used all the parts. The fuel cap may not have been necessary but the time investment was too little to ignore. I do believe the the vent evap valve would have fixed it by itself.

  16. kwm1971 says:

    Great video, I found this after just doing the same project on 2007 Suburban Z71. I did the job for $65. I didn’t buy the power adapter, the old plug line up to the new vent. I was told prior that if your gas cap is bad, you’ll get a message on your DIC & check engine. I hope more people see this video :)

  17. umarvelous says:

    Did you have to use all of the parts or just the fuel vent evap valve? Great video!!!

  18. mfor1 says:

    This is great! I just ordered the parts…have to do the same with with my 07, same code, etc…

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