code p0455….HELP! :)

i need a little help with a code for my car. a possible cost would be cool too
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3 Responses to code p0455….HELP! :)

  1. blackericdenice says:

    Did you get your 455 problem fix?

  2. magnito4363 says:

    you have a large air leak some were in the car? from 200 to 800 to fix? most of the time its the small air hose that is cracked.

  3. sonyhpman1989 says:

    a P0455 is a (Gross)Evaperative Emmissons Leak. im a mazda technician but all evap codes are the same,one of the most comman cause’s of that is mainly a loose gas cap usually no cost. after you have checked your gas cap find a friend or family member with whats called an OBD-2 Scan Tool to turn off your check engine light.

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