DIY Evap Smoke Machine (Cheap)

Trying to find an evap leak on a car

Jeep P0455 Error Code

This is my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with almost 78000 miles. The check engine light came on Jan 2011 with a P0442 code. Mechanic said gas cap may have been loose. Came on a couple weeks later with P0455 and the mechanic said the gas cap was bad, replaced the cap. Came on again with P0455 a couple of days ago. Any suggestions? I’m worried this may be an expensive leak to track down and repair. Thanks.

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18 Responses to DIY Evap Smoke Machine (Cheap)

  1. reap62 says:

    I use cigars just smoke and blow…

  2. Bballcp97 says:

    AutoTap diagnostic scanner  Type in autotap and it will come up on the internet

  3. ventureelect says:

    what software so you use for your laptop.

  4. boaterbil says:

    Dangerous to push air into evap system. Most quality smoke generators advise to use nitrogen as it is an inert gas. AIR has oxygen and when pushed into a fuel vapor rich environment causes the vapors to become explosive if ANY type of ignition source occurs. USE NITROGEN

  5. ProspeedCTR says:

    To read Check Engine codes just cycle the ignition 3 times. Start with Off,On,Off,On,Off,On now read the codes on the gauge cluster. Works with nearly every Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep product with a digital odometer on the cluster. Your welcome.

  6. ICUC007 says:

    If I use this method to try to find leaks in crank case, valves, intake, exhaust, etc., I wonder if the moisture from the ice is bad to be injecting into these areas ?

  7. NAMULTISS says:

    Man that a good and cheep way of finding vacume leaks anywhere on a car. I just thought of it. Have all the part. Old fish tank pump and my halloween fog machine.

  8. jamasi5 says:

    i have a same problem can you please tell me whille you test the truck with the engine runing or of?

  9. jamesm51 says:

    How many watts is the aerator?

  10. darrenct83 says:

    I’d be cautious of what mediums you use to make smoke. I know some of the commercial equipment uses mineral(baby) oil so that’s probably a pretty safe bet. I’m working on a little more permanent setup than yours. I’m using a glycerine(glycol) water mixture for testing the equipment, but it can leave a residue that could potentially damage things like pressure sensors and airflow meters if testing intake. I will probably convert to tri-ethylene glycol when I get the setup working well.

  11. Bballcp97 says:

    Tried the purge solenoid route first. Afraid I was going to break something trying to get the two hoses off.. They are really stuck on there. Temporarily removed the evap test connecter and replaced it when I was done with the test. I also have a small propane fueled mosquito fogger that I filled with baby oil. Filled the box up with smoke and the fish aquarium pump took over from there. Works very well too. Wondering if throwing a smoke bomb under the box would work? (Really Cheap).

  12. darrenct83 says:

    AHHHH. Did you really just cut out the factory fit evap test connector and replace with worm drive hose clamps? That will be your first place to look the next time you have an evap leak. You can just pull a hose off of the purge solenoid and plug in there instead. Your smoke machine setup works pretty well though.

  13. JakeHustle2 says:

    use carmd. Go the carmd website

  14. eyeforaneye01 says:

    Pumped smoke through the evap system and did not detect any leaks. Leak detection pump tested bad. Replaced it and so far, the light has not come back on. Only time will tell.

  15. eyeforaneye01 says:

    Apparently Jeeps have lifter clicking sounds. Mine does. But it’s often confused with this solenoid clicking as well. Google “Jeep Grand Cherokee Evaporative Vent Solenoid” and read some posts. Lots of people have had this issue.

  16. eyeforaneye01 says:

    Engine light came on a couple days after mechanic visit. I noticed a rapid clicking sound both times before the light came on. Xmas time 2010 it had a clicking sound and the light came on, so I pinpointed the problem to a solenoid (but had forgotten about it until this week). It’s called the evaporative vent solenoid. It’s black, round, has hoses coming out of it, and sits behind the air filter. Replaced it today. Will wait to see what happens.

  17. eyeforaneye01 says:

    I have not noticed any stutter at that speed. When I picked it up the other day from the mechanic, he said that they could find nothing wrong with it. He said that he doesn’t want to start replacing valves and such until one actually breaks because they can be expensive. He said that I may not have tightened the gas cap enough, though he thought that was unlikely, or I have a valve that gets stuck here and there. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. Good luck!

  18. Matthew VanDyken says:

    I have the same issue. I’ve been driving it like this for a while now with both codes. I have an OEM gas cap and am certain it’s not this issue. It hasnt caused any major performance issues save one. Do you notice a stutter in your RPMS if you try to hold your speed at about 45 mph? I’ve read on a couple of forums that if you have that stutter then the issue is not your gas cap, but a fuel emission leak. Most likely dry rot on a hose somewhere. I just have no idea where to look ><

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