P0442 Error Code, Causes and Repairs

EVAP and the P0442 code:


The (EVAP) emission control system is responsible to stop or reduce the motor vehicle emissions which largely consist of vapors originating from the fuel system.

Most of the fuel exists in its original form in the fuel tank, while some of it is stored in the form of vapors directed to charcoal canister through hoses. When the engine is started, the vapors are allowed to enter the engine through a control valve which stops and allow the vapors intake.

P0442 error code

The code P0442 represents that there may be a leak in the vehicle’s EVAP control system. Particularly, it indicates a tiny leak that can be caused by a hole as slight as 0.02” in radius.

The problem with such a leak is that it does not have a prominent effect upfront. Neither the engine nor the drivability is affected by such a minor leak instantly. However, it does hurt badly in long run.

Causes behind leaks in EVAP

There are more than one reason that may cause a leak. Some of the common reasons behind a leak include, unfastened or loosely placed gas cap that is allowing some gas to leak out, a replacement gas cap that is not compliant with the standards required for your vehicle or is just not made for your gas outlet, minor leakage in fuel hose or fuel vapor tube, broken or damaged seal providing vapors a tiny way out of the EVAP system or any other small link in the fuel system.

Causes behind the P0442 code

Similarly, there is a list of instances that may result into the p0442 error code. Common problems that generate p0442 may be a damaged or broken gas cap, faulty fuel tank, broken fuel tank seal, misplaced valve, pressure sensor malfunction, flawed leak mechanism system, or any other defective or damaged components in the leak detection system or EVAP systems.

Mistakes while diagnosing the cause

Despite the fact that it is a common error, due to a list of reasons that can cause the p0442 error makes it confusing for the drivers to locate and diagnose the error correctly. Generally, people identify the reason behind the error code end up with conclusions such as fault in fuel cap, purge valve or vent valve in EVAP.

How to eliminate the P0442 

The good news for drivers is that there are more than a couple of repairs to fall back on in case of a p0442 error code. The most obvious and usually effective repair is to reinstall the gas caps, clean the error codes and go for a long drive to see if the error occurs again.

If the error persists, then try replacing the gas cap with a new one and see if you get rid of it now. In case error still show up, give a thorough look to your EVAP system to find any cuts, holes, damage, or leaks

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